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Whistleworld and ACME

Whistles and Whistle World

My first dealing with ACME whistles was in the 1970's. I was training as an accountant and briefly was one of their auditors. At the time there was a TV series starringh Eric Sykes. One sketch had Eric on the railway and he to say that he was 'blowing his ACME Thunderer Railway whistle'. The factory were so impresseed they sent him a case of champaign. He responsed with 'wait till next week'. The sketch was Eric as a football referee. Again he said he was 'blowing his ACME referee whistle', so another case of champagne was duly sent. As a business, 15 years ago we ran a number of INTERSPORT sports shops in the West Midlands and so bought ACME whistles. Our family sold our interests in the retail interests but kept the small Refkit and Teamkit specialist mail order operations. We always offered a small range of ACME whistles. In 2004 Teamkit/Refkit were invited to the NEC in support of Casio watches (we are wholesalers of Casio watches). SimonTopman, ACME's MD was due to join us bringing a range of whistles. At 8am he was a no show. He finally arrived at 11.00 his excuse was that meeting he had the previous day in London had gone on longer than expected. It appears he was unable to leave early as he was at No 10 Downing St with Tony Blair and Gordon Brown at a DTI presentation - he was then with us - how the mightly have fallen. After 3 days of Simon blowing his whistles on the stand we agreed to sell the fully range of ACME whistles and set up a seperate website - hence whistleworld was born.

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